About me?

Anchorite, from Greek ἀναχωρητής from ἀναχωρέω (“I withdraw, retire”), via Latin.

Thank you for reading the blog!

About me? Nothing much to say. I am a 50-something Anglican layperson living with depression and anxiety. My life has changed as a result of my mental health. So a large part of my day is trying to stay balanced and well. There are times that the darkness is more real than life itself. I am thankful for people who help me with my life.

I try to follow Jesus but often stuff-up. I do Christian things but I am not sure that makes me a Christian. Jesus now – love always. I try to follow a Rule of Life.

I am shaped by the Anglican tradition and that is the tradition in which I feel most comfortable. I sometimes teach a Bible Study online, sometimes help with liturgy, sometimes help with the parish social media.

I like to read. Most of the people I read are closer and more real to me than the people I meet in the street. I read just about anything but Soren Kierkegaard and Thomas Merton are my favourites – they more like fellow travelers on a long journey than authors from another time. I am no academic, theologian, or philosopher – my happy place, hermitage, or cell, is with books and ideas.

I like my tea black using leaves. Sometimes I drink herbal tea but most of the time it is Earl Grey. And ever now and then I like a cup of French Earl Grey.

I am always happy to chat. But I am not into debating, arguing, or defending myself – real discussion with real people. If that is you I can be contacted via this blog.

So this blog (and podcast) are part therapy and part random thoughts on theology, philosophy, TV shows, books, and life in general. I do not have a product to sell and I am not a brand. I speak with “no authority” – I speak for no religious group or denomination, no party or movement. I speak from my own experience and life. This blog is just one solitary anglican.