Yes, it is still alive even with my best effort to self-destroy. Sometimes I get a rush of creativity. So I am thinking of changing the cover to this – any thoughts? I have created a poll to make it easier for you:

Take 4!

So I finally got a podcast recorded. It only took me 4 takes – all because I keep switching off the recording when I put my phone in my pocket.

So there it is: Take 4!

Some reflection on Easter. It is always fun recording and producing the podcast so I hope you enjoy.

grrrr …

I started a recording while walking this morning. But it appears it switched off when I put my phone in my pocket. So no podcast today. I did have a perfect reflection on Easter and some general insights on life. But it was not to be!

I am hoping to record Thursday on the gospel for this coming Sunday. Hopefully I can get the technology working!

cult of one

I have been rethinking the podcast (which has not been going super hot or at all). So I am rebranding it to Cult of one.

Also, I watched this video that gives a good introduction (I think) into what a modern idea of cults is:

Where to?

I have been thinking about where I am intending to go with this blog (and hopefully the podcast). I really do not want to convince anyone of anything. I have no product to sell, no idea to proclaim, no party line to defend. I have absolutely no authority except my lived experience. Yet I know that life comes with many questions and many different answers to these many questions. And somehow I would like to be in that mix – helping finding answers rather than giving answers. So where to from here?

So while I was reading I came across this quote from SK about his task as an author:

“I dare not call myself a Christian; but I want honesty and to this end I will venture”

Søren Kierkegaard

THAT IS IT!! Be honest with yourself. I want to be honest with myself and I want to help people be honest with themselves. I really do not care where you stand (right, left, gay, straight, theist, atheist, Catholic, or Protestant) simply be honest in your own position. And make it that – your own position! I do not accept negative positions – “I am [X] because [Y] is wrong”. But I do accept that all positions have a sense of paradox and individuality to them. So “it is right for me” is an answer and a reason.

So there it is! A new year and a new direction. So this year I hope to post a little more regularly and a little longer posts. And, of course, I will post some new podcast episodes.